Open Source

An affordable, time-tested software solution

Streamline your work processes and save on system's licensing fee by having DesertTek customize software that helps you work more efficiently.

Developing software requires advanced skills and the agility to change direction in order to deliver new system solutions. Our work also requires resources that are proven and flexible enough to support the development of software systems in a changing environment.

Open Source is a coding option that works very well for our client projects for several reasons:

  • It’s inexpensive – The cost of Open Source is much lower, so our clients pay much less for a software solution than if we chose a boxed software option.
  • It’s time-tested – Open Source has been around since the late 1990’s and is still utilized today by software developers; the code works well in multiple environments, over time.
  • Its origins make it an ideal resource – Early adapters of Open Source collaborated with other developers to create “user-generated” content, which allows for contributions from multiple sources. At DesertTek, we work in a collaborative environment and like to utilize the strengths of each team member, and Open Source has worked extremely well in all types of projects.
  • It integrates well into existing platforms – Open Source is flexible, collaborative and adaptable.

If you would like to develop a unique system to fulfill an enterprise need, or to save on software user fees, DesertTek can help you develop a software system from Open Source coding. Call us at 602-763-5647 for a bid, 602-332-1377 with technical questions or email us and we’ll get right back to you.