Enterprise Integration

Improving productivity by connecting processes to people


Growth can be a good thing for your businesses for obvious reasons – more people served and more revenue. But as your client demands, capabilities and deliverables expand, so does your need to connect your business drivers in order to gain traction and keep growing without sacrificing quality and future growth.

DesertTek can help you meet your goals by helping to identify your key business drivers, developing a customized architecture and software that connects people to processes to:

  • Ensure your enterprise’s continued growth
  • Spur additional growth
  • Protect your organization from unexpected market and regulatory changes

By creating an architecture and software structure that works for your organization, DesertTek:

  • Optimizes your current operations
  • Helps you manage essential processes
  • Streamlines processes to save valuable resources
  • Connects key business stakeholders, SMEs and technical resources to each other and processes
  • Seamlessly integrates new software into your existing platform, or…
  • Recommends and implements platform upgrades as needed

We work with you to identify the most efficient architecture for your enterprise and your goals to develop systems tailored for you.

Call 602-763-5647 for a bid, 602-332-1377 for technical questions or email us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.