Custom Development

Create an affordable software to fit a process, or as an enterprise platform.

Streamline your work processes and save on system's licensing fee by having DesertTek customize software that helps you work more efficiently.

Changing regulatory environments, shrinking margins, uncovering a new market niche may all require agility in order to implement new ways of conducting your work. This can mean implementing new software to add procedures, research, analytics and more – without disrupting your current operations.
DesertTek Systems’ team has more than 20 years of experience working in software development and integration. Our focus is on quality, so we test our solutions, and delivering the best possible product to meet your needs.

We can deliver software customized to:

  • Data processing
  • Big data analytics
  • Data mining and research
  • User interfaces
  • Filing systems

We can help you identify which segments of your business or current platform would positively respond to additional software systems. We then create a full architecture before beginning the development process. After we’ve tested the new software, including how it integrates into current processes, we commence with full integration so that your new software interacts seamlessly with the existing platform and processes.

Our experience in agile methodology allows us to adjust to new requirements at any point of the project, while still staying true to the ultimate project goal.

We also utilize a time-tested software that responds well in nearly any type of development situation, and costs nothing, to keep your project affordable and on deadline.

If you have a project that you’d like DesertTek to bid on, please call us at 602-763-5647 for a bid, 602-332-1377 with technical questions or email us.