Agile Methodology

We’re flexible enough to change direction without sacrificing goals

DesertTek Systems | Affordable Enterprise Solutions | Agile Methodologies

Things can change drastically from the time a project begins and it ends; new needs may be uncovered, regulations and laws may change, and goals could shift in response to new information. DesertTek utilizes Agile Methodologies as a project management process during software production because it allows us to change direction when needed, without sacrificing the quality of our end product.

Agile works by breaking out each portion of a project into segments, called sprints. Sprints are reviewed by the production team regularly to track progress and identify obstacles. The team meets weekly for more detailed review and daily for a quick check-in.

Instead of a traditional sequential project management, Agile keeps all elements of the project transparent to the entire team to encourage scrutiny and feedback of the entire team to keep on track with the ability to identify issues early.

DesertTek believes that agile project management works well with Open Source software development, which allows us to deliver an affordable project on time and within your budget.

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