Industry Challenges

All Organizations are Vulnerable


Although technology has advanced our capabilities in nearly all areas of business, the ultra-connected world we operate in brings challenges. Cyber-espionage can ruin businesses – how long do you think it will take Target to recover from its 2013 data breach? According to a 2014 Forbes article, their profits fell 46% immediately following the attack.

Imagine the impact of a data breach on your business – would you be able to lose 46% of your profitability? Consumers and clients speak with their dollars, and they tend to blame the organization that “allows” a data breach to occur.

If you believe that your business is immune to data breach – think again. Consider that larger organizations can afford to place the latest breach protection software in place, can hire personnel to continually monitor their firewalls and vulnerability – while smaller organizations don’t have the resources to do the same.

If you were a cyber-criminal, which scenario would you choose – a highly protected database with lots of data – or a smaller database that’s minimally protected? Besides, hackers are always looking at more advanced ways at getting at your organization’s and clients’ data.


DesertTek can add a higher level of security to your software


industry-challenges-deserttekIn order to create a higher level of security, we must be aware of the threats to your business. DesertTek has expertise in creating software solutions for the Department of Defense and other government agencies – so we understand the importance of providing software solutions that also provide protection and monitoring.

In addition, our team can pass stringent top secret clearance and are insurable. Find out how DesertTek Solutions can create affordable software with cyber-security solution for you.


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